Spokane Search and Rescue Council

Serving Spokane and Saving Lives


by admin on May 4, 2012

Spokane Search and Rescue Council supports our local search and rescue teams, by coordinating training events, promoting search and rescue in our community, and acquiring equipment for use by all member and member organizations. The volunteer groups that perform search and rescue operations are coordinated under the Spokane SAR Council and the Spokane Department of Emergency Management. Per RCW 38.52.400, the chief law enforcement officer of each political sub-division is responsible for the search and rescue activities. In Spokane County this is primarily the Sheriff’s Department where it has been assigned to the Department of Emergency Management. The Department of Emergency Management has trained coordinators, both volunteer and paid professionals. All SAR deputies have assigned vehicles and respond immediately upon notification. The department has full equipped mobile command post, 4×4 vehicles, boats and snowmobiles at its disposal.

The different search and rescue units in Spokane County provide different specialized resources in ground search and rescue, but each member receives the same basic training, called Core Competencies. This training program was developed at the state level and was adopted by Spokane County in 2013 as a pilot county. The Core Competency training program is designed to enable volunteers to better serve on searches when deployed outside of their own county.

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